House specifications and regulations


During the restoration processs the house was left with only its stone skelett, which made the basis of the whole project. Carefully selected materials were used, placed meticulously from master craftsmen. Some of the articles were also restored, others were preserved from the previous condition and the rest are new. The house is more than a holiday residence and it needs to be taken care with respect and love.


Villa Antonio Samos – House Manual

* For warm water : There is a solar panel boiler which is enough for 5-6 people to shower, so you don’t have to do anything you just go in the shower turn the faucets to the right, wait like 30” and hot water is there. When you want to switch water flow from douche to the shower head use the smaller switch and turn it to the opposite side. When the weather is not sunny just switch on the switch in the central switch panel (follow the sign) inside the storage room (under the stair)

* When your stay is more than 3 nights you can request of extra cleaning or change of towels and sheets. There is always a second set of clean towels and shees in the cupboard, you can use. In case you need a proffessional cleaning and change of sheets you will be charged with an extra 40€, upon request. Let us know at your arrival so we can arrange it.

* The door of the storage room opens when you push it and closes same way.

* Smoking is not allowed in the house, only at the yard and the balconies, please remember to close the doors behind you.

* Animals are not allowed

* Children are allowed from 4 years old

* Remember to switch off the lights, all the electrical appliances and the air-condition before you leave the house.

* The air-condition is central so it the power and temperature is the same in all rooms switched on - off via the control panel near the fridge. Normally 23c is a fairly good temperature and medium power flow. There is a controller but only works in ground floor.

* You can use the washing machine, the drier or the dishwasher (look on the stickers on them)

* Please remember to close the mosquitos net in the windows, it is for your best interest. In the windows are pulled down and in the doors they are pulled towards right side and they just click.

* We need to have a copy or photo of your passports or ids for typical reasons

* Please don’t throw paper in the toilet because the pipes get stuck, throw it in the little baskets near the toilets

* You can use the tennis rackets and balls, as well as the swimming fins which are located in the yard’s left cupboard REFUND FEES: KEY LOSS : 40 € FAUCET DAMAGE : 200 € SINK DAMAGE : 300 € WINDOWS OR NET DAMAGE : 300 € PLATES, GLASSES & CUTTLERY BREAK OR LOSS : 15 €/ ITEM DISHWASHER/WASHING MACHINE/DRIER/OVEN&COOKTOP DAMAGE : 100 – 400 €